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Origin: New Orleans, LA

Genres: Psychedelic Soul, Blues, Love Songs

Years Active: 2006 - present

Label: Independent

Official Website: taschedelarocha.com

Social: facebook.com/taschedelarocha


Tasche de la Rocha is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and bandleader based in New Orleans, LA. Tasche grew up among a family of musicians and performers, and has been on stages since the age of seven. Since 2012, Ms. de la Rocha has performed on the streets of New Orleans. While many of these performances consisted of just Tasche and her guitar, she has recently assembled an eight-piece ensemble, Tasche & the Psychedelic Roses, for bigger shows at some of New Orleans' most beloved venues. The Psychedelic Roses add a doo-wop flair and an R&B kick to Ms. de la Rocha's songs, with three backing vocalists, two lead guitars, bass, and drums.


Her music evokes a sound that is both contemporary and vintage, blending psychedelic soul, love song, and dream pop. Whether performing solo or with the Psychedelic Roses, Ms. de la Rocha creates an intimate and magnetic atmosphere that pulls the audience in and makes them part of the experience. Tasche's music has taken her on the road to many parts of the United States and Europe. Traveling and performing for audiences around the country has, in turn, added to the evolution and growth of her music.



"Tasche’s swooning is silk ribbons pulled endlessly out of fine china vases, a shimmering ripple in an endless reflecting pool, an organic sonar pulsating out from vocal chord crystal caverns. It is uniquely hers, but might have you recollecting a past-time-bygone-era when radio starlings and showbiz were still a thing. My realization that Tasche was much more than a sum of all that came before her was in the form of a revelation: I was in the presence of a true rising star right before my very eyes in real time!"
- Noah Church
"...ethereal, plaintive blues and shuffling, rough-hewn doo-wop and R&B, all tied together by the singer-songwriter's unmistakable voice — a barbed, wiry howl..."
- Alex Woodward, The Gambit